Website Design

Pondering Clean Web Design

Clean web design is part of an overall design trend towards websites that are intuitive, user-oriented, and minimalist. It means stripping back unnecessary elements and bringing that which is most important to the fore, and arranging it in a way that is clear and concise for the viewer. Doing this while still maintaining the personality and functionality of a website can be a tricky balance, but it is a worthy aspiration. Clean websites look fresh and modern, and will help to fulfil the overall goals of the site.

Pondering Clean Web Design

Clean Web Design Tips And Best Practises

Clean up the content. Before you can design an efficient website, your content must be streamlined too. Select only what you truly need, prioritise in terms of what will meet the viewer’s immediate needs and arrange it neatly. Use fonts, spacing and bullet points to create an accessible content scheme.

Think outside the box. Clean web design can work on a standard website layout, but it can be taken to new heights with a bit of ingenuity. Consider completely rethinking the way your site is laid out, taking into account the most important elements and pages. The best way to create intuitive design is to ask yourself how you’d expect something to work, and then follow through.

Embrace white space. White space has many benefits to a web designer: it instantly makes a site more modern and fresh, removes clutter and brings focus to what’s actually on the page. Use this to draw the user’s attention to where you want it, and seal the deal with the essential elements that fill it.

Make graphics work. When you go for a minimalist approach, it’s essential that the content and graphics you do have are punchy, interesting and engaging. Ensure that what you have is enough to hold viewer attention and use clever graphic solutions to make a lasting impact.

Less is more. Don’t fear emptiness. Clutter is distracting and dilutes the desired action path you want viewers to take.

Clean web design isn’t for every business site, but where it fits it works well from both an aesthetic and marketing perspective. Although it is very much on trend, the core principles are solid and time-tested, meaning your creation will be valid and useful for years to come.