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Benefits of Web Site User Testing

When it comes to creating websites, companies can often be too close to the project to think like a customer, and identify what motivates them to visit a site and buy from it. Understanding how customers navigate your website and how they interpret the information they find there is an important part of your Web design process and something that is often overlooked, or a poorly planned afterthought.

Benefits of Web Site User Testing

Website user testing can provide important, unbiased insight into how customers really interact with your Web site, enabling you to understand their way of thinking, identify issues that you haven’t considered and discover the problems that can drive customers away from your site and off to your competitors

Netwise has previously used a useful Web site user testing service from that provides a Flash video of a user talking through their experience as they browse your website, and includes a written summary explaining what they liked and disliked, and what would have caused them to leave, all for US$29. You can test any website, including reviewing two different sites at once. Take a look at their User Testing FAQ to find out more about the product

If you’d like assistance with user testing for your website, get in touch with Netwise to discuss a strategy to suit your requirements