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Pay Per Click Landing Pages

PPC ManagementPay-per-click campaign management with Google can be very complicated, especially for someone with little or no experience. There are many tricks of the trade that newcomers have to learn in order to be successful.

One of those tricks is to focus your landing page in order to channel visitors and turn them into a conversion. You are paying Google to put your ads on the top of the page because you want people to visit your site and accomplish something there. You must do everything you can to make that happen.

When someone clicks on your ad, you usually don’t want to send them straight to your home page. A home page is usually more generic, has many options, and may overwhelm someone looking for something specific. It is much better to send them straight to what they are looking to find. For example, if they are searching for “piano music” and you are a music site, you don’t want them to end up on your home page, which has information about all types of music. Instead, you want to send them straight to the page with piano music on it.

Being able to choose a landing page is really a great tool. Imagine if a regular brick-and-mortar store had this option. Let’s say you needed to buy a new computer. So you walk into Best Buy, and right there in front of you are all their computers, lined up nicely on a shelf right inside the front door. The next week you need a new cable for your computer. You walk into the same store, and there inside the door are computer cables on the shelf instead of computers. Wouldn’t that make shopping a lot easier and more efficient? You would have no hesitation going to Best Buy again and again for anything you might need.

When you take your potential customers right to where they want to go, your conversion rate will go up. If the goal you set for them is put right in front of their face, they are very likely to accomplish it.